adidas Stan Smith Restock

Stan Smith (white/green) – Without a doubt one of the most sought after shoes in the adidas line up is the original Stan Smith.  It was gone for a year and then made it’s comeback early this year in 2014.  Since then the shoes have sold out quickly and restocks have been scarce.  Even when they do restock, they sell out again quickly.  Luckily for those who are still trying to get a pair, they have again been restocked in the original colors and leather version.

Size 7-14 are now in stock in Fairway, New Navy, Red, and Black, with a few smaller sizes going down to size 4 in stock as well.  The shoe remains at $75.  More colors of the Stan Smith in a suede version are also expected to be released in mid April.  If you have been waiting to get a pair of the Stan Smiths, now is the time.  They are on sale now at

Update: 6-21-15: The Stan Smiths are back in stock in the white and green color starting at size 6 in men’s size. These tend to sell out very fast in the smaller sizes, so try to get this one soon if you have been looking for it.  Also in case you size is out of stock, the Stan Smith can be customized to pick the colors and size at any time.

Update 8-21-15: The Stan Smiths have restocked in men’s sizes 5-14 in the white with green heel. It looks like the smaller sizes are selling out fast so try to get them soon if you have been waiting on these sizes. Also keep an eye on the youth sizes which also restock periodically.


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