adidas Rod Laver Gold Jeremy Scott Edition

The Rod Laver is currently one of the most sought after shoes in the adidas collection.  The original has been sold out for a long time and there has been no word of when it will be back.  Until then, we have had a couple special release editions of the Rod Laver such as the McNairy in yellow and white and this latest release that came out today, the gold plated edition by Jeremy Scott.

This Rod Laver features a gold Italian leather upper in python texture, full grain leather lining, and a tan/beige rubber outsole.  Atop the laces is a metal winged dollar sign for a little extra flair.  Overseas this shoe has sold out quickly so expect the US release to do the same.  The gold Rod Laver is currently on sale in size 5 – 12.5 for $140 at


  1. Where can I purchase the Rod Laver gold metallic adidas jermey scott . Ive been looking for them for months. Please reply back with the information.
    Thank you! !


    1. The gold Jeremy Scott Rod Laver was a limited edition release that came out 1 year ago. Unfortunately they are pretty much sold out everywhere. You may be able to find a few sizes showing up on eBay. The item number is D65861 to help with a search. Good luck!


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